Licensed VIN Certification LabelsLicensed VIN Certification LabelsLicensed VIN Certification LabelsLicensed VIN Certification Labels
E.C.S. is now the EXCLUSIVE Preferred Vendor for Carstar and Abra Autobody & Glass!E.C.S. is now the EXCLUSIVE Preferred Vendor for Carstar and Abra Autobody & Glass!E.C.S. is now the EXCLUSIVE Preferred Vendor for Carstar and Abra Autobody & Glass! ECS Automotive Concepts
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ECS Company Profile

     ECS Automotive Concepts is the only licensed provider of Factory exact VIN certification decals, Tire Pressure labels and Emissions decals. We pioneered and developed the replacement VIN program in September of 1998. ECS has provided thousands of certification decals to the Restoration and Collision Industry over the past twelve years.

    We have a dedicated, full time staff to answer any questions concerning the codes and options that are listed on a certification decal. ECS has the correct print and layout for every decal manufactured from 1969 to present day. You will never receive a "One decal fits all" style that is being offered by the "pretenders" in the industry. (Click here to see a comparison)

    ECS guarantees that the VIN decal you purchase will look exactly like the one that originally came on your vehicle. A quality collision shop would NEVER repair/repaint a door with a color that contrasts with what originally came on the vehicle! Why replace a VIN decal with one that looks nothing like the original?!?! That would serve as a damage flag for a repaired vehicle. The repair value of a vehicle would actually DIMINISH by using an incorrect generic version of the factory VIN decal.

An ECS licensed and approved VIN certification decal guarantees that:
  • The vehicle will once again comply with the original Federal VIN regulations.
  • The value of the vehicle will be maintained by using an OE authentic replacement product.
  • A quality collision repair facility has an advantage over competitive shops who decide not to reinstall this item or settle for a cheap, second rate version of this decal.
  • An ECS licensed VIN decal is approved and commissioned by the original equipment manufacturer. This eliminates the possibility of impropriety that is perpetuated by generic decals that have no approval from the OE manufacturer.

    ECS Automotive VIN products utilize the same quality, tamper resistant material that is used by the original equipment suppliers. There is not another company that can make this claim. The competition claims, “We intentionally keep a slight difference in appearance….our labels do not contain any OEM logos or trademarks.” This simply means that their products are NOT licensed or represent what originally came on the vehicle! Don't be misled by those who deceptively advertise a generic decal as a “superior” product.

    Make sure that your VIN replacement decal is a Factory exact, licensed product. For ANY or factory exact automotive decal contact ECS at or call us at 1-855-5-ECS-VIN (1-855-532-7846). We will provide the finishing touch for your quality repair!

GM Restoration Parts Official Ford Licensed Product Licensed by Chrysler Corp.